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Autumn Winter 2013-14 trends

Keďže už začal september tak som sa rozhodla urobiť výcuc z módnych stránok na tému  TRENDS AUTUMN/WINTER  2013-14.
Dúfam, že aj vás inšpirujú niektoré z týchto kúskov. Vyberala som tie menej extravagantné, ale za to stále krásne.
Tento článok bude mať nabudúce pokračovanie, ale tentoraz nie z oblasti "vyššej módy", ale z výberu obchodov, ktoré sú bežné na Slovensku a aj cenovo dostupné.

1. A Rose Bouquet
FROM the palest pinks to dusky damask hues, designers drenched the autumn/winter 2013-14 collections in a warm rosy glow.
An overtly feminine and flattering palette, head-to-toe rose tones offer a beautiful spin on autumn's pre-eminent trend: the new womanly allure.
2. Take Cover
A NEW coat has always been one of autumn/winter's big style investments, and 2013 is no exception.
The good news? This season, cover-ups come every which way, signalling a dream design for all occasions. Big and billowing or sharply streamlined; boyish or womanly; richly coloured or pale and interesting.

3.Woman's Realm
THE autumn/winter 2013 collections were a paean to elegance and womanly charms.
It's the silhouettes that really speak to the female form, boasting grown-up hourglass curves, cinched waists, breast-hugging bodices and skirts that flare out over softly rounded hips.
Only real women need apply...

4.Spotlight on the Skirt
AS the collections embrace a new-found femininity, so fashion's focus falls firmly on the skirt.
The common theme here is a longer line: the mini enjoys an occasional outing, but it is knee-length and calf-skimming numbers that best capture the womanly moment.
Indeed, why expose everything when a flash of ankle or well-turned calf is so much more alluring...

5.The Square Route
LAST season's strict monochrome prints give way to softer, colour-drenched checks for autumn.
Bright blanket weaves and laundry-bag squares have a witty, modern charm; billowing gowns and easy coats breathe new life into trad tartans; while fur, sequins and silks bring plaid to the party.


6.Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Hair Trends
THE autumn/winter 2013-14 shows were a definite crowd-pleaser when it came to hair, with "faux-hawks" at Fendi, super-sized curls at Marc by Marc Jacobs and two-tone ponytails at Alexander Wang. Nevertheless, some definite trends shone through for the new season - and we've detailed 10 of them here.
There were Seventies-meets-Forties waves in all four cities, tangled, wet-look hair making a particular impact in Milan and some of spring's best hair trends updated with a new lease of life for autumn.
So, to find out how you'll be wearing your hair once the leaves on the trees turn golden again, just click through the images and discover our top 10 hair trends for autumn.
Slicked BackMatthew Williamson autumn winter 2013

7.Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Beauty Trends
THE variety of different beauty looks seen on the catwalk each season never fail to impress, but a few key trends always shine through - and we've collated the 10 very best.
For autumn/winter 2013-14, make-up artists have taken spring's trends and developed them for the new season, with the introduction of petal and berry stains to replace matte lips, and an even more pronounced take on Sixties beauty at the likes of Anna Sui and Emilio Pucci. A move toward more grown-up, ladylike make-up is also worthy of note in line with fashion's own infatuation with Hitchcock-style femininity, whilst youthful dewy skin has moved aside to make way for a flawless, velvety finish.
"Finished" Skin

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  1. you've done such a good job in this post, I couldn't stop reading! I actually LOVE the whole square trend and I personally love to style it with black leather! And I'm thinking about wearing a knee-lenght skirt to vienna Fashion week but don't know yet.. what would you wear to fashionweek? :-) hugs alina ♥


  2. Perfektní, přesně takové články mám ráda. Trendy už jsem si netrpělivě procházela v létě. Podzim a zimu mám nejradši. Miluju to zachumlání v teplých šálách a čepicích. A postupně se vybavuju. Kostku miluju a nějaké sukně a kabáty jsem čerstvě doplnila do své skříně. :) Doufám že bude ještě nějaký takový článek.